Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RFC related Web Service doesn't seem to update


You are exposing a RFC through Biztalk as a Web Service.
An update was made on the RFC and on development environment, and works well. When passing to test/production environment still refers to the old version.


You can even delete the application, it has nothing to do with that DLL. The problem is that for applications related to RFC, Biztalk generates another DLL, refering only to the RFC schema. Supposing that all RFC's are SAP-made and unchangeable, those DLL's are not updated when you reinstall your app.

The only way to avoid that problem is:
  • Delete that DLL at a folder similar to C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite\Bin
  • Install your app MSI
  • Restart application, Host Instance and local IIS

    Thanks to http://timrayburn.net/blog/learning-adapters-sap/
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